Weishaupt Capital

Weishaupt Capital
Making your money work.

General Overview

Based out of Munich, Weishaupt Capital is a conglomerate of philanthropists and financial institutions that work to aid economic development and growth worldwide. They primarily do this by acting as consultants to multi-national corporations and international governments with a primary interest in economy, welfare, and education.

In case it is not clear, WC is in fact responsible for the Organization the characters are employed by, and use their philanthropic work in part as a cover for more clandestine activities.


As Hemstadt Importers, it was founded in 1824 near Wilhelmshaven centered around the import and export of lumber and spices. Later, after changing hands several times in as many years it became a part of the Weishaupt family estate, and became headquartered in the Bavarian city of Munich, where it remained until 1936.

During the First World War, WC operated publicly as an importer and exporter of food and basic goods, but covertly operated as an intelligence gathering organization. During the Second World War, however, WC began to take a bit of a turn from nationalism.

When Jews started to disappear, and the Blitzkrieg was on the move, WC had already moved its base of operations to Chicago, IL. Its facilities in Germany, however, remained in business as an importer and exporter, specializing in sugars and lumber, on the surface. Behind the scenes, the powers-that-be in charge of WC used their connections to help many victims escape the Holocaust.

This, it seems, became the point at which WC made the move from business to espionage proper. Internally, Operators suggest it is because the owners and backers of the company could not stomach the evils done by the Nazi party. Those who voice alternate reasons tend to not do so for long.

Weishaupt Capital

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