Contingency Plans

First Mission
Hit the Ground Running
Mission Objectives

An important Asset has been captured and is being held in Kiev.

  • Liberate and retrieve Asset
  • Make sure targets have not gained any sensitive information from Asset
  • Ensure any sensitive information does not spread

    - Heavy
  • Asset is being held in a room with a Nuclear Device
  • The room contains poison gas cannisters which can be triggered remotely
  • Asset is a Scientist
  • The facility is guarded by armored dogs
    - Gunman
  • Asset is located in an abandoned Warehouse
  • 2 Gunmen on the roof
  • 3 pairs of guards walking the building
  • 2 men in room guarding the Asset
  • All men armed with AK-47s
    - Fixer
  • 150 Well-armed persons; some appear to be mercs
  • Receiving assistance from local government
  • Large explosives on site triggered to a dead-man switch; no intel on who is the trigger-man
    - Shade
  • The Asset is being held in the Czech Embassy
  • Security staff on the Embassy has doubled, with increased alertness
  • Asset’s intel has been duplicated and is stored at another location
    - Face
  • Lots of heavily armed gunmen patrolling the building
  • Possibly trying to activate a nuclear device; possibly several
  • After an attack on a convoy, several physicists were taken by terrorists
  • Lots of heat generated inside the building
  • Multiple T-3 lines recently installed to move date off-site

Final Report

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