Trust and Betrayal

Trust, and more importantly Paranoia, are important aspects of any good spy story and are cheif to the feel and overall flow of the Wilderness of Mirrors RPG. As such, players are rewarded for treachery and general underhandedness.


When one player, in character, betrays someone important to the campaign, they can receive 3 Mission Points right there. They may do this in secret, so that the nature of the betrayal is hidden, but the points are awarded publicly, so that every one knows something is up.


Mission Risks

As the campaign progresses, and more Missions are attempted, Operations will identify certain characters as Mission Risks. These people will be identified to the Team Leader, who will be given the unenviable task of removing said person before Mission’s end.

Team Leaders do not necessarily have to follow through with this, and can use this information to Betray Operations, but doing so risks having themselves put on that list.


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